Thursday, July 30, 2015

Mass production

Last night was a mass production night. I needed a lot of cards. While I love a complex, beautiful card, if I'm mass producing, the simpler, the better.

My first step is to design my card, making sure I keep in mind how much paper I have to make sure I have enough to make all the cards I need (such a bummer to run out of paper and not have something suitable to substitute). I never thought that math would matter to paper crafting but it does.

Now, I put on a movie or catch up on my recorded TV shows on my DVR and start the mass production process. I cut all my paper, stamp all of my images and then start putting it all together. I can really get into a groove at this point.

A little later (2 one hour TV episodes in this case), I have 42 of this card ready to go. I like mass production nights. I feel so productive while watching TV at the same time!

Have a great day!

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