Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Playing with watercolors on my Christmas cards

Christmas is just days away! Days, people! I mailed some of my Christmas cards today and the rest will go out tomorrow.

So let me share some of my Christmas creativity with you.

I am not a watercolor pro. I dabble. So this technique is a great technique for experts and dabblers alike. You'll need watercolors, brushes, stamps, and some plastic wrap.

Scrunch up the plastic wrap and then dab some water color onto the plastic wrap. I used two different blues. Don't smear the paint around--you don't want the colors to blend. Literally dab it on the plastic wrap with your brush.

Now place your paper face down on the plastic wrap. Gently press down (again don't move it around because you don't want to smear the paint).

When you lift it off, you should have something like this. If you have too much white, dab some more paint on the plastic wrap and press the paper on again.

Once the paint is dry, stamp with your stamps. In this case, I used the Snow Shadows stamp set, the Swirling Stars stamp, and Pacifica ink.

I love the way the final result turned out. Super simple with a nice winter vibe. Merry Christmas!

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