Sunday, September 25, 2011

Why I Scrapbook

Many of you know that a little over a month ago, my family said goodbye to our beloved dog, Jack. He had been with our family for over ten years but one day, he got very, very sick and no matter what our wonderful vet did for him, he just couldn't seem to recover.

It's been a strange thing not having him around. I almost missed a hot air balloon one morning. In the past, Jack would have detected it first and barked to warn the whole family that there was a dragon in the sky and then inserted himself between the door and anyone trying to leave to make sure they knew he was watching out for them. I still find myself making sure I don't step on him in the night (he always slept at the top of the stairs to make sure no boogie men came up the stairs), I miss the thump of his tail on the floor when I would walk in a room, I miss him standing at the back door watching for my kids to come home at the end of the school day.

Recently, I sat down and pulled out several photos of my wonderful friend. I call him my friend because while I know many of  you refer to your dogs as your children, he always seemed like more of a partner in raising my family than one of my own kids. After all, he joined our family when my youngest was less than a  year old and he's been right there every step of the way, watching out for each of them. I needed to honor him some how. So while most of the photos are going to end up in a mini album honoring Jack, a few choice ones ended up on this layout. I have asked each of my kids to write down something they loved about Jack and my husband and I will add them as well. In the end, we may end up going beyond ten things we love about him but I wanted to record at least those. Because this I don't want to forget. And that is why I scrapbook.

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