Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Crunch Time

Me, in my favorite pink coat, contemplating the Bean.
I am behind. I spent the last week in Chicago for work which was actually quite fabulous but has put me behind on everything (including work). I returned from Chicago and after a very brief interlude with my family and timeout for church on Sunday, spent the weekend holed up in my scrapbook room creating for a swap due this week. I can't even tell you how many movies played through my DVD player while I was working ("You've Got Mail" played through three times--love that movie). I have yet another project for my Close to My Heart Kindred Spirits group this weekend (name that book) which will be taking up the remainder of my evening after dinner. At some point, I will breathe, sleep, catch up on some DVR'ed TV, finish my latest book and create something fun without an associated deadline. Well, maybe I'll do at least a little bit of that.

But in the interim, here are a few creative ideas from past deadline crunches. Enjoy!

Speaking of crunch time, the Whoo's Your Valentine promotion is almost sold out! If you want one, order quick!

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