Monday, November 26, 2012

Christmas Decorating

Christmas decorating at my house can be.... ummmm... a bit stressful. You see, my mother is the Queen of Christmas. She has a minimum of four Christmas trees, she has Christmas decor in every room, and her home is Christmas magic. Just ask my kids. They will tell you that no one's home is more magical than my mom's at Christmas. Even though my mom has never put the pressure on me to match her decorating, I think I have felt this incredible need to make the holidays as magical as my mom made them for us and continues to make them for her grandkids. But when I start decorating, it is anything but magical. With the exception of putting up the "fun" Christmas tree, my family does their best to stay out of my way.  Once I'm done, all is well, at least until it is time to take it all down.

This year, with Thanksgiving being earlier in the month, I have resolved not to become the Christmas Decorating Grinch. On Sunday afternoon, we took down the minimal Thanksgiving decor I had and we put up the "fun" tree. I did not lose my patience once in the whole evening. And I was proud of myself. When the tree was done, we cleaned up and I lived with the empty mantel and other surfaces that were awaiting Christmas decor.

Tonight, I did a bit more. The stockings are hung, some of my favorite decorations are up. And once again, I quit while I was ahead. I figure about another hour or so tomorrow and then an hour to put up my Nativity Tree on Saturday (I need my husband's help for that one) and I will be done. Could it be I'm turning over a new leaf? I think it's more likely the four day weekend and fun with family and friends has lowered my stress level and saved me from my usual overwhelmed self.

In the spirit of Christmas decorating, I pulled these little gifts out tonight.

These were made for me last year by Michelle Beck using pre-cut wood and Close to My Heart paper. I don't remember if I posted them last year or not but even if I did, they are worth another post. These would make such simple, fast Christmas gifts. Not overwhelming at all!

So Merry Christmas everyone! May your decorating be as stress free as mine this year! And may your holidays be magical!

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