Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Fall Comes and goes...

Doesn't it seem like Fall kind of gets lost between Summer and Winter? It feels that way to me this year. Just a little too short. So before Thanksgiving and the Christmas festivity that follows, here are a couple of layouts that celebrate Fall. These use the Flirty paper packet and the Flirty Dimensional Elements. There were layouts available to my Cherish Your Memories Scrapbook Class attendees this month. If you really love it, it's easy. There was only one bit of stamping (two tiny banners on the first layout). You could easily substitute some ribbon or patterned paper for those and make these on you own.
Inspired by the wonderful Ginni Candelaria
This one I designed all by my lonesome

So here's to Fall. Maybe over Thanksgiving break, I'll take a few photos just for these. I need to savor Fall a little longer before I dive into Christmas.

Take care all!

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