Saturday, September 7, 2013

Back To School

My kids have actually been back in school for two weeks now. Thank heaven they're still willing to pose for a first day back to school photo.

In honor of back to school, I created a back to school layout. It was a flashback on my eldest son's K through 12 experience.

And you know what I discovered? That I have no idea where I have put his 4th grade pictures! More importantly, that 13 years of public school for this one went by in a flash. Everyone tells you that. And you laugh and think, "Yea, right." And then you create a layout like this and go, "Oh".

If you have little ones, hug them tight. If they're close to flying the coop, hug them tight. If they're gone, send them a note to remind them you still love and think of them. And make sure you know where you've put all those years of school photos. It is making me crazy that I can't find those 4th grade photos!

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