Tuesday, October 8, 2013

A Halloween Layout

In October, I usually try to do at least one Halloween layout for my Cherish Your Memories scrapbooking group. However, this year, Close to My Heart didn't have a Halloween themed paper packet. So I looked at the colors of the various paper packets and toyed around with which paper could be most easily manipulated to work for Halloween (we are nothing if not versatile in the scrapbooking business). And then I saw a layout by my friend, Launi Layton utilizing the Sarita paper packet. And then I saw that layout as manipulated by my friend, Jen Mahan. So what did I do? I scraplifted the idea from both of them and manipulated the layout even more to make it my own. So here it is--my twist on a Sarita/Halloween layout for this month's Cherish Your Memories Class.

The Cricut Artbooking Cartridge was a must for this one. Use real dial size for some of the images and Cricut craft room to create the outline of the Haunted House. 

If you've never come to a Cherish Your Memories Class, you really should. We meet once a month in Salt Lake City and once a month in Provo and we have a great time. You get to have a fun with a group of people that love scrapbooking and you go home with four finished scrapbook pages (you just add the pictures). Contact me for time, place and cost. Here is the second layout we'll be doing on a non-Halloween theme.

We'd love to have you join us!

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