Monday, April 29, 2013

Artistic U Recap

Just a couple of weekends ago, I, along with my fellow consultants, Jen Mahan and Diana Veenendaal, hosted a scrapbooking retreat in the beautiful city of Heber.

First of all, the venue was fabulous. We were in a beautiful 5,000+ square foot custom home in Heber, UT. We looked out the window at various times of day to beautiful views, often populated by deer (I counted 21 deer across the street from our cabin on Saturday). Shanna even reported a jack rabbit.

Secondly, the food was AMAZING. I don't know about you, but I love good food. It probably explains the extra pounds that keep creeping on over the years but there are some things in life meant to be enjoyed and good food is one of them. Our fabulous cook, Diana Veenendaal, made sure we did not go hungry at all. It actually took me a couple of days after the retreat before I felt hungry again. She has been gracious enough to post her recipes on the Artistic U website. The breakfast and soup recipes are out there and others will be coming.

Yum--Baked French Toast!

And finally, the company and the creativity were the best! We had some fabulous women join us and they were crafting their hearts out. After each finished project, the creator would ring a bell and share their creations with us. One of our attendees completed 38 layouts (including a themed album) over the 2 and a half days. Our winner created even more. I was so proud of these hard working ladies.

One of the projects provided at the retreat--inspired by Sherri Tozzi
Even though I was working to make sure everyone was happy, I had a fabulous time as well. Believe it or not, I came home relaxed and ready to get started on the next one. Please jump on over to to register for the October 24th to 26th retreat. We plan to build on what we learned from this one starting with more and better giveaways! Plus every room will have their own bathroom. And Diana is already planning her menu. It should be a ton of fun!

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