Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Convention Highlights and a New Addition to the VW Series

The annual Close to My Heart Convention is one of the highlights of my year. The most recent one was held in July at the Disneyland Hotel in Anaheim. To gear up, I pulled out my Artfully Sent Cricut cartridge and make a new VW for the series. I LOVE this one. 

Close to My Heart gets so creative with their themes! This year the theme was UP.

One of the BEST parts of convention is getting to see so many friends I only get to see once or twice a year AND getting to hang out with these fabulous roomies of mine.

There is always some good creative stuff. We get to make wonderful stuff with brand new product.

There's always a few characters mixed in too.

And you never know. There might be an award in order if you work hard (I was surprised with one this year). There's always an awards banquet with great food and great entertainment.

And we all need a chance to dress up and sparkle!

Yes, I will be back at convention next year. I can't wait. It will be at Disneyworld in Florida! Anyone want to join me? It's easy to become a consultant and so much fun. Check it out here or contact me.  If you've been a consultant with Close to My Heart before, you can rejoin in August for just $49 (if you didn't get an email from CTMH, contact me as your instructions will be slightly different).

Just looking back at these pictures makes me so happy. And that is why I do this. I do this because it matters that I preserve those memories. It matters that I foster those friendships. It matters that I laugh until I almost wet my pants. And it matters that I help others to do the same. Make memories, people! And then preserve them! I'm happy to help.

Happy Creativity and Crafting!

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