Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Those Lazy Days of Summer...

Ahhh, those lazy days of summer.

And they are almost over. My youngest daughter goes back to school tomorrow and that seems to mark the end of summer for the rest of us as well. But in the meantime, she sits on my couch enjoying my favorite summer pastime--reading.

I used to read countless books in the summertime, whether in the air conditioned comfort of my bedroom or while laying out in my backyard pursuing a tan (yes, the days when we didn't worry about wrinkles and skin cancer). Many a summer night I would stay up late reading until all hours of the morning because I knew I could sleep in the next day. I miss that.

In honor of summer reading, I am sharing a book mark made from the summer sensational Seaside paper (retiring at the end of this month).

The goal was to keep a list. Maybe next summer?

So what is your favorite book of the summer?

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