Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Happy Birthday! Let them eat cake!

Okay, maybe "Happy Birthday" and "Let them eat cake" don't go together historically but hey, on my birthday, I am absolutely going to eat cake. This is not a day to diet.

And this year, I asked for three, yes, three birthday cakes. Why? Because I couldn't decide. You see, I love the chocolate cake from Costco (we call it the Matilda cake--see here in case you haven't seen the movie).

And I am a fan of the Dairy Queen ice cream cake which we usually only get on birthdays because there isn't a Dairy Queen close by.

But our local Meiers grocery store makes the BEST cake (it is like eating a giant Hostess cupcake only better).

And so I debated about which cake I wanted. And I decided I wanted all three. Birthdays only come once a year and I'm reaching a respectable age where I should be able to get what I want on my birthday.

I even made myself a birthday card to commemorate the occasion.

So Happy Birthday to me! (We are going to be eating cake for weeks!)

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