Sunday, August 23, 2015

Creativity is Messy!

Anyone else have a craft room that looks like this?

I have to clean up before I start my next project and sometimes, as in this case, that takes a while. And then I start my next project and when I'm all done, my craft room looks like this again.

I dream of a perfectly organized, Pinterest inspired craft room but you know what? I've decided that a clean craft room is an unused one. You know those artists with featured spaces on Pinterest spent hours, maybe even days, getting those rooms picture worthy. Besides, that's why my craft room has a door. And I consider myself blessed that I have a dedicated space that I can get messy in.

Hats off to messy crafters everywhere!


  1. Dare I admit to it too? Lol it's always a mess!

    1. We'll stick together! And keep our doors closed ;-)!